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Now Offering Digital Impressions

Do you gag at the thought of having impression material set in your mouth for 5 minutes to get a crown, start clear aligner braces, or have a mouthguard made?

We now have an intraoral scanner in our office to replace the need for this putty in most cases by taking digital impressions. This process uses video footage to create a 3D model of your teeth. No radiation is used. See what the research has to say about intraoral scanners.

We can also use it to help you see what changes are happening in your mouth over time if you are scanned at your cleaning appointments. It’s a great tool for us to show you what we see when we examine your mouth!

It’s just another step our office is taking to provide you with the most precise care possible while keeping your comfort in mind!


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Armstrong Family Dental is now The Dental Haus

Many months of planning have gone into the selection of our new name and branding,but at heart, we’re still the same Armstrong Family Dental here in Monroe, WI.

You can be assured that all of our planned changes are positive ones.  You won’t see any changes in the well-known friendly faces around our office or in the quality of your care.

You have already discovered one big change, this blog! We plan to use it to share important updates from our office, answer anonymous patient questions, and share tips and tricks to help prevent dental problems.

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