retainer disinfect clean

How to clean and disinfect retainers or mouthguards

After recovering from an illness and many patients wonder about the best way to clean and disinfect their retainer after being sick. Retainers or mouthguards also often tend to find themselves in “gross” locations like a pet’s mouth, the bathroom floor, or worst case scenario, the toilet! Some situations require a little more disinfecting before …

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keep those baby teeth

Why do we treat baby teeth?

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month, and we’re celebrating by providing you with the tools you need to keep the child in your life’s teeth healthy. The first tool we can give families is understanding why baby teeth are important. We often hear from parents; “Why should I get that baby tooth filled, it’s just going …

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pregnancy causes cavities and other oral health problems

Does pregnancy cause cavities? 3 reasons why and how to combat them.

We see a lot of mothers reporting an increase in dental problems and cavities during and after their pregnancy. Many will ask us: “Does pregnancy cause cavities?”  In fact, it’s been shown that 40% of pregnant women suffer from dental problems.  It’s common to hear the old rumors “You lose a tooth for every baby” …

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